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Laminate, Hardwood or Engineered Wood? Keep Them Top-Knotch

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Buying a new home? Planning to remodel? Or just considering wood floors for their warm, homey feeling? Before making any decisions, consider all of the many options and the effort put into keeping them clean. ​Laminate Flooring Laminate floors are very strong, durable, and exceptionally practical if you’re on a tight budget. Laminate is available…Read the full article

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

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  Wondering how often you should have your carpets cleaned? Don’t worry, we’ve got your answer! For low traffic areas, we recommend professionally cleaning your carpets every twelve to eighteen months, even if you do vacuum regularly. However, there are some factors that you should take into consideration before following this general rule of thumb.…Read the full article

Beware the Bacteria Living in Your Carpets

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Warning, after reading this you might never look at your carpet the same way again! Buried deep within the fibers of your carpet there are around 200,000 bacteria per square inch, for reference that’s 4,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat houses. Naturally, of course, considering thousands of species enjoy the lifestyle carpet…Read the full article