The answer is always, “Yes, we can.”

At ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel, Hattiesburg and Meridian, our commitment is to our customers. We believe that cleaning is not a commodity but an opportunity to provide remarkable service. That’s why we focus on mastering the basics and consistent service delivery as foundational to our business.

We partner with our customers to understand their unique needs and continuously monitor the overall condition of their facilities. What’s more, customers get the personalized attention of a local business combined with the best practices and stability of a Fortune 500 company. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond all expectations.

Commercial Carpet, Floors & Upholstery 

All of our employees are required to pass a drug screening and a criminal background check prior to hiring. To ensure every member of our team goes above and beyond your expectations, we provide a thorough training program with a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication. The skills our employees posses help ensure a personalized cleaning experience at your office. Plus, using only the latest technology, methods, and equipment helps make certain every space will be spotless the first time around. The appearance of your office makes a clear statement to potential clients, as well as employees.

Save Money on Carpet-Overhead 

Business carpet installation is a large undertaking and investment. ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel/Hattiesburg/Meridian professionals can help extend the life of your carpet. Scheduling regular cleaning prevents premature carpet replacement, and also helps to prevent a number of common problems including:

  • Discoloration or fading
  • Fraying
  • Matting

Within one year, pounds of soil build up at the base of any carpet. If not promptly removed, this causes damage to fibers that support the nice look and texture of a rug. Carpets should be cleaned once each year with some spot cleaning, and special attention to high traffic areas in between to keep carpet both looking and feeling nice.

What to Expect 

Our carpet care program prevents unpredictable incidents related to untreated carpet. Following our regular maintenance guidance plan helps prevent any surprise expenses.

Benefits to carpet care provided by ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel/Hattiesburg/Meridian include:

  • Uphold carpet’s original texture and color
  • Decreased wear in high-traffic and low-traffic areas
  • Keep carpets aesthetically pleasing all year long
  • Only use the latest and most advanced carpet cleaning methods
  • Professional image with corporate standards
  • A healthy work environment ranks top importance

Carpet manufactures release recommendations for how to best care for all types of carpets. A ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel/Hattiesburg/Meridian professional can help you pick the right program for your flooring.

ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel, Hattiesburg and Meridian Leads the Way in Carpet Care 

After successfully operating for over 17 years, ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel/Hattiesburg/Meridian has the best customer satisfaction in the industry. We are committed to delivering a quality beyond all expectations.

Using first-class products and industry-best practices, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Globally, thousands of businesses trust ServiceMaster, depending on us to supply the top-most standard of clean.

Local and Nationwide 

No task is ordinary around here. Everything receives extreme attention to detail.

Our vast network of experts allows us to select the best individual for each job, while still providing fast and local service.

Whether healthcare, hospitality, real estate, or manufacturing, it doesn’t matter the business type; a clean carpet can make all the difference. With a commitment to satisfaction, ServiceMaster Restore of Laurel/Hattiesburg/Meridian will enhance the look of your business environment.


Furniture upholstery quickly collects dirt, in order to protect, preserve, and clean fabric furniture we provide special equipment, shampoos, and techniques to help make it look new again.  Our upholstery services include:

  • Spot treatments
  • Shampooing
  • Polishing
  • Vacuuming.

Cleaning Hard Surface Floors 

Hard surface floors can look nearly new for years, even if they receive heavy traffic. Combining field experience and research, we have created a state-of-the-art care program for every type of hard floor including:

  • marble
  • ceramic
  • wood
  • quarry tile
  • vinyl
  • most other hard surfaces.

You name it and we know just what to do. Do you have higher sanitation needs then most facilities? Do you have minor scratches you want buffed out? We are equipped to take care of all your hard floor essentials.

Maintenance for hard floor surfaces includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Excellent shine and improved cleanliness
  • Decrease wear in high and low traffic areas
  • Efficient and regular cleaning
  • Dust-free buffing
  • Decrease the risk for slips and falls