Residential Disasters, Cleaning up Fire and Water Damage

There are some things in life that come with warning, house fires and floods are not one of those things. You never see it coming, in fact, you likely do all that you can to prevent a fire or flood from ever happening, but unavoidably there is always a chance for disaster. When your home has been damaged by fire or a water-related incident it might feel like your life is falling apart, thankfully there are things you can do to help make the clean up process less tedious and more cost effective. The first route of action you take after a flood or fire makes all of the difference. Knowing how to react post-disaster can save you worlds of extra unnecessary trouble.


Understandably, you want your life, home, and property to look and feel as it did pre-disaster.  When it comes to getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly you can trust ServiceMaster Action Clean.


Fire Clean Up Recovery


Fire is truly terrifying. The things it can do to your home are equally alarming and can be hard to handle. It’s not only fire that causes damage, but even after the flames are put out there are other damaging results that quickly go into effect. To protect loved ones and property from further harm, it is adamant that the clean up process is done swiftly and properly. ServiceMaster Action Clean will do everything we can to quickly restore the original quality of your property.


Availability based upon location, our all-inclusive fire recovery services include:


Fire and smoke restoration services

Soot clean up and complete removal

Clean all flooring surfaces, including carpets, rugs, and upholstery

Sanitize air ducts for heating, venting, and AC

Antique and art repair

Complete structure and contents cleaning

Restoration of damaged furniture upholstery

Safely remove all biohazards

Fulfill and restore safety compliances

Remove and restore inventories

Dry cleaning and laundry services

Property board up


When necessary we subcontract certain services


What To Do After A Fire


Just because the fire has been doused doesn’t mean the rush is over, even after the flames are put out time is ticking. Efficient clean up is necessary to prevent further destruction. Call ServiceMaster Action Clean immediately to guarantee a successful restoration experience.  As you await the arrival of disaster relief professionals there a few things you can do to help things go more smoothly.


After Fire Damage Occurs You Should:


Call ServiceMaster Action Clean as quickly as possible. Once smoke has lingered for 72+ hours irreversible etching will start to develop.


If temperatures are 60 degrees or higher you can decrease the layer of smoke lingering inside by opening all doors and windows.


Collect all clothes that reek of smoke for dry cleaning restoration.


Chrome, porcelain, Formica, and aluminum appliances should be cleaned immediately or else risk irreversible etching and tarnishing.


Replace air filters on forced air furnaces.


Dampened cheesecloth taped over critical documents can help reduce soot.


Any opened food needs to be thrown away.


In the instance of a power outage, clean out fridge contents and then allow the fridge doors to remain open.


After Fire Damage Occurs You Should NOT:


No touching or trying to move things on your own; fingers and hands are covered in oils that will create even more damage if walls, woodwork, or even upholstery is touched.


No cleaning the walls, carpets, or furniture on your own, it might seem like the best bet to remove soot as quickly as you can, but without the proper tools and techniques this can create worse damage, compounding the soot.


No use of fixtures attached to damp ceilings.


Avoid use of electronic appliances that have not been verified for safety.


Water Damage Recovery


Anywhere there is water, bacteria will thrive—in fact, it only takes a few hours before this bacteria, better known as mold, starts to fester and grow. To decrease damage and secure an efficient recovery, call ServiceMaster Action Clean immediately after water damage occurs.  We provide the following water damage restoration services:


Complete restoration post water-damage

Water removal and dehumidification services

Document Recuperation

Clean entire structure and interior contents

Floor cleaning, including rugs, carpets and upholstery

Mold removal

Sanitize HVAC ducts

Repair and restore damaged art and antiques

Repair electrical devices

Recover important documents

Repair and refinish furniture

Complete clean up of biohazards


Some services are subcontracted.


After Water Damage Occurs You Should:


Contact Service Master Action Clean as soon as possible to prevent mold growth and further water damage.


Mop, blot, or do whatever you can to immediately start removing water.


Relocate all area rugs and other portable floor coverings. Hang or prop them up somewhere they will more easily dry.


Tuck away the tails of any drapes that touch onto the ground. An easy way to do this is to simply loop the excess material through a coat hanger, which you can then hang from the drape’s rod.


Slide aluminum foil beneath the legs of all furniture.


Wipe down wet furniture and relocate damp cushions and other upholstery items somewhere they can dry evenly.


Photos, art, and other fragile pieces, easily wrecked by water, should be relocated. But when it comes to books, keep them packed tightly together. Do not remove one by one and do not open them, or else risk permanent warping damage.  A restoration professional will be necessary to conduct a special drying process for wet books.


All doors, closets, cabinet doors, and drawers should be left open to promote faster drying.


After Water Damage Occurs You Should NOT:


Go near rooms that contain standing water until you are positive the electricity is turned off.


Do not use the regular household vacuum to clean up water. This will not work and can be dangerous. In fact, don’t use any electronic appliances on carpets or floors that are wet.


Do not lift wall-to-wall carpet without the help of a professional.


Mold grows quickly, but do not mess with any mold you might see.