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4 steps to effective stain removal

Know your stain.

It may be easier said than done, but the best way to ensure proper stain removal to be able to treat the stain based on the particulars of the material. Research the specific stain in order to choose your stain removers and methods.

Know your surface.

You’ll thank yourself later! Treating a stain can differ from one surface to the next. Choosing the proper treatment options could do more than help you remove the stain, it could save your surface from damage or destruction due to improper use of stain removers or methods.

Treat it quickly.

Time is of the essence! Move quickly to treat the stain to get the best possible results.

Blot, don’t rub!

Rubbing could do more harm than good as it presses the stain further into the surface. Tread carefully in order to remove the stain effectively while preserving the surface.