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How that rental carpet cleaner could ruin your carpets and cost you money

Are you considering renting a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets? This method has become more and more popular in our DIY culture, but it could lead to the destruction or shortened lifespan of your carpets. Consider these drawbacks of rental carpet cleaners.

  1. A rental carpet cleaning machine could damage your carpet fibers. Rental cleaners are hard on carpets and lack the grooming process used by professional cleaners. Grooming helps to restore your carpet fibers after cleaning.
  2. Rental machines tend to use too much water. Wet carpet attracts dirt, potentially causing your carpets to be dirtier than before you cleaned them.
  3. Overwetting can lead to browning or yellowing of your carpet.
  4. Rental machines don’t heat the water to the proper temperature.
  5. Rental machines use too much detergent. Excess detergent can leave a residue in your carpet which can attract more dirt.
  6. Lower suction power leaves your carpet dirty and wet.
  7. Rental machines don’t require professional training. All ServiceMaster technicians are professionally trained to get your carpets as clean as possible.

Using a rental machine can seem like the most cost-effective method but carpet damage and wet floors could lead to the need to purchase new carpet or to end up hiring a professional to dry or re-clean your carpets. Save time, money and stress by hiring professionals to do the job right the first time around.

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