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How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Wondering how often you should have your carpets cleaned? Don’t worry, we’ve got your answer!

For low traffic areas, we recommend professionally cleaning your carpets every twelve to eighteen months, even if you do vacuum regularly. However, there are some factors that you should take into consideration before following this general rule of thumb.

If you have small children or pets, smoke in the home, or if your carpeted rooms are high traffic areas, we recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every three to six months. This recommendation is not only for the health of your carpet, but also you and your family.

Inspect Your Carpet

It is a good idea to take a look at the carpeted rooms in your home at least once a month. Notice dark spots around your baseboards, doorways, or air vents? Your carpets are home to all kinds of dust, dirt and pollen. If not managed as quickly as possible, this can be hazardous to everyone in your home, especially children and pets.

You should also be on the lookout for large stains and strong odors. Your carpets are a key aspect in the appearance of your home and leave a lasting impression on house guests. If you notice any unsightly stains or a strong stench, you should consider having your carpets professionally cleaned.

Why You Should Call Service Master to Tackle the Job

Rental carpet cleaners can do serious damage to your carpets. They use too much water and leave your carpets wet and even filthier than before. This could ruin your carpets and cost you more money. Our trained technicians are professionals at maintaining your carpet’s appearance. With Service Master Action Cleaning you can be sure the job is done right or we will do it over!

Having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly will extend the life of your floors and protect the health of your family.