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Laminate, Hardwood or Engineered Wood? Keep Them Top-Knotch

Buying a new home? Planning to remodel? Or just considering wood floors for their warm, homey feeling? Before making any decisions, consider all of the many options and the effort put into keeping them clean. Laminate Flooring Laminate floors are very strong, durable, and exceptionally practical if you’re on a tight budget. Laminate is available […]

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Wondering how often you should have your carpets cleaned? Don’t worry, we’ve got your answer! For low traffic areas, we recommend professionally cleaning your carpets every twelve to eighteen months, even if you do vacuum regularly. However, there are some factors that you should take into consideration before following this general rule of thumb. If […]

The Allergy Sufferer’s Guide to A Clean Home

Cleaning can be quite a chore, especially if you suffer from allergies. The last thing you want is to expose yourself to dust mites and other irritating particles when the sneezes, sniffles, and itchy, runny eyes are already persistent. But can you believe that a thorough cleaning is just what the doctor orders? If your […]

The Toll Cleaning Takes On Your Body

In order to live and work in a healthy environment cleaning cannot be avoided. Since cleaning is so commonplace we don’t pay much attention to the toll it takes on our bodies, although we should. Cleaning can negatively impact your health in three main ways. Back Pain Cleaning is unforgiving on the lower back. For […]

Common Dirty Spaces Found in Clean Homes

Just because a home ‘looks’ clean, and has everything stuffed in its appropriate drawer, does not mean it is actually clean. No matter how often you clean there are a number of places collecting layers of unnoticed dust. So where does one go wrong? For starters, things that have a reputation for being dirty are […]

How Much Time Do You Spend Cleaning?

On a weekly basis, the average person spends around 4 hours cleaning their house. Over an entire lifetime, this works out to be 1-½ years of cleaning for women and about 6 months of cleaning for men. Even 6 months seems like an awful lot of time to spend scrubbing away with your head in […]

The Dirtiest Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should be clean, after all they are supposed to sanitize a surface and not make it dirtier. Therefore, you might be surprised to find some of the most common household cleaning supplies laden with bacteria, potentially causing more harm than help. Rags and Towels  Wet wipes and paper towels are wasteful and expensive, […]

Beware the Bacteria Living in Your Carpets

Warning, after reading this you might never look at your carpet the same way again! Buried deep within the fibers of your carpet there are around 200,000 bacteria per square inch, for reference that’s 4,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat houses. Naturally, of course, considering thousands of species enjoy the lifestyle carpet […]

The best way to clean grout and tiles

We all love the look of a beautifully tiled floor, shower or countertop but keeping the grout and tiles looking clean can be a headache at best. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with dirty or stained grout or tiles. Try these steps to get your beautiful tile back and your home looking its best. […]

How that rental carpet cleaner could ruin your carpets and cost you money

Are you considering renting a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets? This method has become more and more popular in our DIY culture, but it could lead to the destruction or shortened lifespan of your carpets. Consider these drawbacks of rental carpet cleaners. A rental carpet cleaning machine could damage your carpet fibers. Rental […]