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Your Furry Friends Don’t Have to Ruin Your Floors

  Nearly all of us can say that our homes have been struck by the catastrophic episodes of a cute and cuddly pet. If we are being honest, there is nothing like the love of man’s best friend, but this is sometimes hard to remember when you come home to stained carpets or scratched floors. […]

What is Service Master Action Cleaning?

Storm recovery


Home recovery

Beware the Bacteria Living in Your Carpets

Warning, after reading this you might never look at your carpet the same way again! Buried deep within the fibers of your carpet there are around 200,000 bacteria per square inch, for reference that’s 4,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat houses. Naturally, of course, considering thousands of species enjoy the lifestyle carpet […]

4 steps to effective stain removal

Know your stain. It may be easier said than done, but the best way to ensure proper stain removal to be able to treat the stain based on the particulars of the material. Research the specific stain in order to choose your stain removers and methods. Know your surface. You’ll thank yourself later! Treating a […]

New website takes clean to new level

ServiceMaster offers the ultimate cleaning experience that is sure to leave your home or  business sparkling clean. We are delighted to share our brand new website with you that will showcase all of our services. We built an easy to navigate website for users to quickly learn more information about the company’s residential and commercial services along […]